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Following is a master list (in alphabetical order, by title) of all policies, procedures and guidelines contained in the SCU Policy Library.  Jump to the relevant part of the alphabet by clicking an alphabetical character in the fast find index below.  Each alphabetic grouping of documents is headed with the relevant letter of the alphabet, next to which you will find a "view summary descriptions" link.  If you are not sure you have found the right policy, click this link to view the summary descriptions.  These may help you determine if the document is the one you are after.

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  • Media PolicyThe purpose of this Policy is to provide a framework for the University's interaction with the media.
  • Media ProceduresThis Procedure supports implementation of the Media Policy.
  • Motor Vehicle PolicyThis Policy establishes principles and processes to protect University assets, minimise fringe benefits tax liability, and provide a safe and reliable motor vehicle service.
  • Multi-Badged Degree PolicyThis policy provides the framework for Southern Cross University's Multi-Badged Degree arrangements with Collaborating Institutions in Australia and internationally.