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Volunteer Policy

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Section 1 - Definitions

(1) For the purpose of this Policy:

  1. "University" includes:
    1. Southern Cross University and its Council and employees;
    2. any subsidiaries or other forms of operating Units, Divisions or Joint Ventures of the University (whether wholly or partly owned by the University); and
  2. "Volunteer" refers to a person from the community who has University approval to perform work for the University without monetary compensation.
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Section 2 - Policy Statement

Part A - Policy Declaration

(2) This policy describes the way in which the University supports the use of volunteers to do work that does not form part of the work undertaken by the University's paid workforce.

Part B - Policy Description


(3) This policy seeks to enhance the relationship between the University and the community. It does so by providing opportunities for members of the public (including students of the University) to gain experience by voluntarily contributing to the achievement of project and research goals that are not undertaken by the University's paid employees.


(4) This policy applies to volunteers defined in this policy and University employees responsible for supervising volunteers.

Part C - Content and Implementation

Status of Volunteers

(5) Volunteers are not employees of the University and must not, under any circumstances, receive any remuneration or financial or other compensation for their services.

(6) Volunteers are not covered by the University's workers' compensation insurance and the University does not provide personal accident insurance for them.

(7) Although volunteers are covered by the University's public liability insurance in respect of accidental damage they may cause to other people or property in the course of providing their services to the University as a volunteer, they will be personally liable for any deliberate or negligent damage caused to any person or property whilst working as a volunteer of the University.

Part D - Appointment of Volunteers

(8) Individuals who are interested in becoming volunteers must complete a Volunteer Registration Form and lodge it with the Head of Work Unit.

(9) The Volunteer Registration Form must be signed by the University employee supervising the volunteer and approved by the Head of Work Unit before the volunteer commences work.

(10) If the registration is approved by the Head of Work Unit, reference checks may be conducted.

(11) If the position involves working with children, child protection checks must be completed.

(12) The Volunteer Registration Form must be kept by the Head of Work Unit.

(13) The volunteer is to be provided with a copy of this Policy and the University Code of Conduct and inducted in those documents and other relevant University policies and procedures particularly those relating to Occupational Health and Safety, Privacy and Anti-Discrimination.

(14) Volunteers must adhere to this Policy, the University Code of Conduct and all other relevant Policies and Procedures at all times.

(15) Each Head of Work Unit must be familiar with and actively enforce this Policy and the Code of Conduct to ensure compliance by volunteers.

(16) Supervisors must ensure volunteers record their details on a Volunteer Attendance Record on each volunteering occasion. The attendance record is to be maintained and kept within the Work Unit.

(17) Volunteers may only undertake work under the supervision and direction of an appropriate University employee.

(18) Volunteers must not disclose, disseminate or make use of confidential information relating to the University's affairs that they gain access to during the course of their engagement as a volunteer with the University.

(19) Failure by a volunteer to comply with this Policy, the Code of Conduct or other applicable University Policies and Procedures may result in the University terminating the volunteer's engagement.

Part E - Privacy

(20) The University must comply with the Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) as set out in the University's Privacy Management Plan in respect of applications to work with the University as a volunteer and all other information collected about volunteers.