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Terms of Reference - Chancellor's Committee Rule

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Section 1 - Authorisation

(1) This Rule is made by the Council of Southern Cross University under section 30 of the Southern Cross University Act 1993

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Section 2 - Purpose and Scope


(2) The purpose of this Rule is to define terms of reference for Chancellor's Committee.


(3) This Rule applies to the members and operation of Chancellor's Committee.

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Section 3 - Terms of Reference


(4) The Chancellor's Committee is the executive committee of Council and meets between Council meetings to deal with matters of an urgent nature. 


(5) The membership of the Chancellor's Committee consists of:

  1. Chancellor (Chair)
  2. Deputy Chancellor
  3. Vice Chancellor
  4. Chair, Academic Board


(6) A quorum shall consist of not less than three Committee members. 


(7) The Committee shall meet as required. The actions of the Committee must be ratified at the next ordinary meeting of Council.

(8) Chancellor’s Committee business may be circulated for consideration via a flying minute. Flying minutes require a simple majority and must be evidenced by the members’ signatures, which may include electronic signatures or email confirmation sent from the email account which the Secretary to Council is satisfied belongs to the Committee member concerned. 

Current Membership

(9)  Ms Sandra McPhee AM, Chancellor (Chair)

(10) Mr Murray d'Almeida, Deputy Chancellor

(11) Professor Tyrone Carlin, Vice Chancellor

(12) Professor Andrew Rose, Chair of Academic Board