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Terms of Reference - Remuneration Committee Rule

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Section 1 - Authorisation

(1) The Council of Southern Cross University, as the Governing authority of Southern Cross University, by resolution makes the following Rule under section 30(1) of the Southern Cross University Act 1993 ('Act'), pursuant to section 52 of the Southern Cross University By-Law 2005 (NSW).

(2) Dated: 23 September 2016

(3) Authorised: Council

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Section 2 - Purpose and Scope


(4) The purpose of this Rule is to define terms of reference for Remuneration Committee.


(5) This rule applies to the members and operation of Remuneration Committee.

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Section 3 - Terms of Reference


(6) The Committee is to:

  1. assist Council to exercise its functions in accordance with section 16 of the Southern Cross University Act in respect of performance monitoring and remuneration of the Vice Chancellor; and
  2. oversee the performance monitoring process and remuneration of the University's Executive staff; and
  3. ensure the University adopts, monitors and applies appropriate remuneration processes that meet the needs of the University, and that enhance organisational and individual performance.


(7) In consultation with the Vice Chancellor, set the performance goals for the Vice Chancellor for the forthcoming year;

(8) Conduct annual performance evaluations of the Vice Chancellor in accordance with the Employment Contract and KPIs;

(9) Review and set the Vice Chancellor's remuneration annually, including payment of any performance based component;

(10) Oversee / endorse the Vice Chancellor's process for reviewing the performance of Executive staff, including the use of sector relevant salary benchmarking data, and approve the maximum percentage increment payable each year;

(11) Based on consultation with the Vice Chancellor and HR Services, approve annual maximum percentage increments for non-Executive senior staff not covered by the Enterprise Agreement;

(12) Report its determinations to Council, with the Chancellorreporting on key areas.


(13) The membership of the Committee consists of:

  1. Chancellor (Chair)
  2. Deputy Chancellor
  3. Chair of Finance Committee
  4. One external member of Council.

(14) The total number of Members of the Committee is four.

(15) The Director, Human Resources will be a standing attendee at all Committee meetings.

(16) The Chancellor invites the external member to the Committee and the appointment is endorsed by Council.


(17) At least three Committee members, including the Chancellor, must be present to constitute a quorum.


(18) The Committee shall meet once per year, with authority to convene additional meetings, as circumstances require.

Current Membership

(19) Mr Nick Burton Taylor AM, Chancellor (Chair)

(20) Mr Murray d'Almeida, Deputy Chancellor

(21) Ms Lynda O'Grady, Chair of Finance Committee

(22) Ms Julie Granger, External Member of Council

(23) Sharon Farquhar, Director, Human Resources (in attendance)