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Council - Statement of Primary Responsibilities

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Section 1 - The University Council

Statement of Primary Responsibilities

(1) Without limiting the functions of the Council under Part 4, Section 16 (1A) of the Southern Cross University Act 1993, the Council, in controlling and managing the affairs and concerns of the University, will:

  1. elect the Chancellor of the University in accordance with the Act and review his/her performance, and
  2. elect the Deputy Chancellor in accordance with the Act, and
  3. appoint, monitor and review the performance of the Vice-Chancellor, and
  4. support the Vice Chancellor in connecting with the University's external environment and in enhancing a University culture in accordance with the Strategic Plan, and
  5. develop, approve and monitor the University's mission and strategic direction, and
  6. oversee and review the University's performance against strategic objectives and that of the University's management, and
  7. approve and monitor the University's annual budget and business plan, and
  8. oversee and monitor the academic activities of the University, and
  9. oversee risk management and risk assessment across the University (including, if necessary, taking reasonable steps to obtain independent audit reports of entities in which the University has an interest but it does not control or with which it has entered into a joint venture), and
  10. approve and monitor systems of control, reporting and accountability for the University (including in relation to controlled entities within the meaning of section 16A of the Act, joint venture and partnership arrangements), and
  11. approve significant University commercial activities (within the meaning of section 21A of the Act), and
  12. approve and monitor the implementation of all policies relating to staff and students of the University consistent with legal requirements and community expectations, and
  13. ensure that the University's grievance procedures, and information concerning any rights of appeal or review conferred by or under any Act, are published in a form that is readily accessible to the public, and
  14. regularly review its own performance (in light of its functions and obligations imposed by or under the Southern Cross University Act 1993 or any other Act), and
  15. make available for members of the Council a program of induction and of development relevant to their role as such a member, and
  16. adopt this statement of its primary responsibilities.
Approved by Southern Cross University Council 8 November, 2013.