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Testamur Integrity Procedures

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) The purpose of this Procedure is to establish approved processes which ensure the accuracy, integrity and security of Testamurs issued by the University. This document supports implementation of the Rules Relating to Awards Rule 10.


(2) This Procedure applies to staff.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(3) Nil.

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Section 3 - Procedures

Creation and Approval of a Conferral List

(4) Approximately three weeks before a conferral date, Student Administration Services will produce a conferral list and distribute it to all SCU School Graduation Contacts who must:

  1. review the list to confirm that it:
    1. includes all students who are eligible to graduate;
    2. attributes accurate honours levels; and
    3. does not include any students who are ineligible to graduate.

(5) Where satisfied that the list is correct in terms of (4)a.i and (4)a.iii, the School Graduation contact will sign the list to record that they have checked the list and recommend it for confirmation by the relevant Head of School.

(6) On receipt of the conferral list from the School Graduation Contact, the relevant Head of School will assess the list in terms of clause 4 and, where satisfied, record their confirmation of the list. The School Graduation Contact will then return the conferral list to Student Administration Services.

(7) Student Administration Services will forward the conferral list to the Chair of Academic Board who may make any enquiries they see fit to assure the list is accurate.

(8) Where satisfied the list is accurate, the Chair of Academic Board will authorise the list by signing the list. Student Administration Services will then provide the conferral list to the Assistant to Council Secretary for approval by Council.

Printing and Sealing Testamurs

(9) Testamurs for qualifications that have appeared on a conferral list are generated by staff from the Graduation Office for printing via the Student Management System.

(10) Testamur paper must be securely stored in a locked cupboard at all times, and an up to date inventory must kept by staff within the Graduation Office.

(11) Testamur Paper must be protected against fraud by marking each with a secure and confidential serial number.

(12) Testamurs will be printed with the following information:

  1. student name;
  2. award title;
  3. award number (a unique number allocated by the Student System when an award is completed);
  4. honours level (where applicable);
  5. majors (where applicable);
  6. post-graduate specialisation (where applicable);
  7. the person/s authorised to issue the award; and
  8. conferral date.

(13) The Seal of Southern Cross University will be attached to each testamur.

Distribution of Testamurs

(14) In order to receive an SCU testamur, eligible students must register a graduation choice.

(15) Students may choose to:

  1. receive their testamur at a Graduation Ceremony;
  2. collect their testamur from the Graduation Office; or
  3. have their testamur mailed to them (by registered post within Australia or international courier if overseas).

Recording Student Names on Testamurs

(16) The student name which must appear on a testamur is governed by Southern Cross University's Student Name Change Policy.

Replacement testamurs:

(17) Replacement Testamurs are subject to provisions of the Student Name Change Policy and:

  1. are only produced if an original has been stolen, damaged or permanently lost;
  2. will only be issued upon presentation of a duly signed Statutory Declaration (or the overseas equivalent) attesting to the unrecoverable theft, damage or loss;
  3. are generated by staff within the Graduation Office via the Student System using the unique award number allocated to the qualification upon completion; and
  4. have the Seal of Southern Cross University attached when (17)a, (17)b, and (17)c are satisfied.

Statement of Attainment for Posthumous Awards

(18) Statement of Attainment for Posthumous Awards (which do not appear on a conferral list):

  1. are approved by the relevant School Board;
  2. are prepared and printed using a manual process (i.e. - not via the Student System); and
  3. have the Seal of Southern Cross University attached by staff within the Graduation Office.
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Section 4 - Guidelines

(19) Nil.