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Software Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Definitions

(1) For the purpose of this Policy:

  1. CAUDIT - means Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology
  2. SCU - means Southern Cross University
  3. SOE - means Standard Operating Environment
  4. University - Refers to Southern Cross University.

Part A - Policy Declaration

(2) This policy covers the purchase of, and all aspects relating to, software to support teaching, learning, research and administration within Southern Cross University, Software will be purchased for University purposes only.

Part B - Policy Description


(3) This policy has been developed for Southern Cross University and forms part of the SCU Policy Library.

(4) This policy seeks to define the governance and acceptable use of software within the University.


(5) This policy applies to:

  1. all software provided or owned by the University;
  2. all users, holders, and application of University software on the University's systems, facilities and network.

Part C - Content and Implementation

(6) Software is the computer coded instructions, or programs, given to the computer. Software is classified into two broad categories, the operating system (for example, Windows XP) and the application programs (for example, a web browser, a word processor, spreadsheet, others).

(7) The University encourages the use of standard software to minimise costs, enable the provision of effective support and provide compatible software throughout the University.

(8) The following sections of this document address detail necessary for the overall Software Policy to operative effectively throughout the University. These sections cover the areas of:

  1. Access and Availability
  2. Software Use
  3. Security
  4. Management and Monitoring
  5. Support
  6. Advice and Assistance

Access and Availability

Site Licensed Software

(9) A range of software is available to staff and students as negotiated by Technology Services with the licensed vendors. This software is available to SCU staff and students only and it is illegal to duplicate this software or make such software available to persons not affiliated with the University. If software is provided for use on personally owned computing equipment, this software must be removed once the staff member or student is no longer affiliated with the University. Most site licensed software is licensed for SCU assets only (with the exception of Symantec Anti-Virus).

Standard Operating Environment

(10) Technology Services develops, maintains and publishes a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for use on University computing equipment. The SOE applies to all platforms eg Mac and PC. The SOE also reduces the risk of copyright or license non-compliance and the total cost of ownership.

Work at Home Staff Software

(11) Technology Services are part of a CAUDIT agreement with Microsoft which incorporates a Microsoft Work at Home Scheme, allowing staff to obtain software for use at home for academic and work purposes. Costs of media and the products available are detailed in the Work at Home Staff Product List. Software purchased under the Agreement must be removed and not used by staff on completion of employment with Southern Cross University.

Non-standard Software

(12) The University reserves the right to remove any non-standard software from University equipment. Work Units wishing to obtain non-standard software for use on University equipment should seek advice and approval from Manager, Desktop Services, Technology Services, prior to purchase and installation. Licenses for such software must be kept with the equipment, upon which it is being used, at all times. (Please note that Technology Services will not support non-standard software. Refer Item 5.2.5)

Mandatory Software

(13) The University reserves the right to install mandatory software on all computing equipment. All SCU computers must have anti-virus software, automated operating system updates and remote support utilities.

Software for Student Labs

(14) All requests for the installation of software in the general purpose computing labs must be made through Technology Services. (Refer to the Installation of Software in Computer Labs policy.)

Software Use

(15) A user must abide by all software license agreements. The University is committed to ensuring that the use of software abides by all relevant legislation.

Software Installed/Stored on Shared Resources

(16) Software cannot be placed on a server or a network where it would be available to non-licensed users for use or copying.

(17) Unauthorised placement of software on a network or server may allow a breach of copyright or license agreement.

Uploading or Downloading of Unauthorised Software

(18) Southern Cross University staff and students must not download or upload unauthorised software over the Internet as it is a breach of the Copyright Act.

Software - Testing and Evaluation

(19) University staff can install software for testing and evaluation purposes following consultation with Technology Services staff but licensing agreements accompanying this software must not be breached. Software for evaluation and testing is also subject to the Copyright Legislation.

Software Use for Commercial or Profit Activities

(20) Southern Cross University staff are not permitted to use SCU software for personal business or personal gain.

Personally Owned Software

(21) Personally owned software must not be installed on University equipment unless authorised by Technology Services.

(22) Licenses for such software must be kept with the equipment, upon which it is being used, at all times.


(23) All software master copies and license certificates will be kept in a secure location and will only be accessible to authorised personnel. In the case of individually licensed software, the licence must be located with the equipment and is the responsibility of the owner to ensure license requirements are adhered to.

Management and Monitoring

(24) For the purpose of compliance with Copyright legislation and licensing agreements, the University reserves the right to audit and remove software from any University owned computer. Technology Services will maintain a Software Asset Register for the University.

Misuse of Software

(25) Southern Cross University staff or students learning of any misuse of software or related documentation within the University shall notify their Head of Work Unit and/or the Director, Technology Services. All Southern Cross University employees have an obligation to help ensure that the University does not become involved in any possible copyright or license breaches.

Software Policy Violations - University Action

(26) All Southern Cross University employees have an obligation to comply with University policy. Any violations of this policy should be reported to the Director, Technology Services.

(27) Violations of the Software Policy may result in disciplinary action and/or a criminal prosecution as outlined in the University's Computing Conditions of Use - Non Compliance section.


(28) Technology Services will support all software listed on the University's Standard Operating Environment.

Advice and Assistance

(29) For further advice and assistance, please contact the relevant IT Service Desk:

  1. Lismore Campus - Email or Phone: 02 6620 3698
  2. Tweed/Gold Coast Campus - Email or Phone: 02 6620 3698
  3. Coffs Harbour Campus - Email or Phone: 02 6659 3080
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Section 2 - Responsibilities

(30) The Manager, Desktop Services, Technology Services will recommend to the University Executive appropriate Policy to meet the legislative and operational needs of the University. The Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure they remain valid and consistent.

(31) The Director, Technology Services will be responsible for establishing standards for software.

(32) The Director, Technology Services is responsible for ensuring that the Software Policy is observed with regard to the services under the control and management of Technology Services.

(33) Each Head, Faculty /Head of Work Unit /Head of Work Unit is responsible for providing education and awareness to ensure that all staff and students associated with their area comply with the Software.

(34) Users who have responsibility for specific computing equipment (such as a workstation) must ensure that the Software Policy and associated guidelines are adhered to.

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Section 3 - Procedures

(35) Refer to Part C.