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Unit Information Guide Procedure

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) These Procedures are made pursuant to Section 2 of the Rules Relating to Awards - Rule 3 - Coursework Awards - Student Assessment and Examinations and their purpose is to define content requirements for the University's Unit Information Guides.


(2) These Procedures apply to the administration of all University units of study which form part of:

  1. an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) coursework course; or
  2. an enabling (or bridging) course.

(3) These Procedures do not apply to study materials (such as a Study Guide or compulsory 'readings') for a unit.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(4) As per the Definitions (Academic) Policy.

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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(5) The University will provide students with accurate, timely and sufficient information concerning each unit in which they are enrolled. This information will:

  1. provide approved information as specified at clauses (6) and (7); and
  2. where appropriate, be developed and provided to students via the public web page for the unit and/or the University's learning management system (Blackboard) according to the timelines at Part B.

Part A - Unit Information Guides (UIGs)

(6) The following information must be provided in the UIG. It will be created or amended by Unit Assessors and does not require UCMS approval:

  1. Professional accreditation requirements (if applicable)
  2. Learning resources - Use or not of Study Guide and/or Readings
  3. Section entitled "Studying this unit" (if applicable), which includes:
    1. Studying this unit (subheading to add information about "Studying this unit")
    2. Residential workshop (subheading to add information about residential workshops)
    3. Intensive unit (subheading to add information about Intensive units, however, changes to the frequency/intensity of delivery can only be amended via a unit amendment with relevant approval).
    4. Field trip
  4. Assessment information:
    1. due date (must be consistent with approved week due) and time
    2. the professional accreditation items addressed (if applicable)
    3. precise and complete instructions to enable the student to complete the assessment
    4. marking criteria and explicit standards of performance that will be applied when an assessment is judged (except where provided in the assessment area of the Blackboard learning site)
    5. Suggested study timetable

Part B - Timelines for Preparing and Publishing Unit Information Guides

(7) Subject to clauses (9) to (11), UIGs must be complete, correct, checked, and made available to enrolled students via the Blackboard learning site for the unit by at least two weeks prior to the first day of the study period.

(8) Where an approval is required to change details listed in clause (13), that process must be finalised prior to completion of the UIG (refer to UCMS Support Webpages - UIG Timelines).

(9) Where physical resources (such as CDs and DVDs) will be produced for a unit, UIG content must be finalised at least four weeks prior to the first day of the study period.

(10) Where a unit is to be offered to students enrolled at non-SCU campuses, UIG content must be finalised at least four weeks prior to the first day of the study period.

(11) Where new physical resources (such as texts) must be available in a University library for enrolled students, details of these resources must be provided to the library within sufficient time for such resources to be available to students during the relevant study period.

Part C - Access

(12) Students must be provided access to the UIG, and the name and email address of the Unit Assessor for any unit in which they are enrolled, via the unit's learning site on the University's learning management system (Blackboard).

Part D - Requirements

Approved Unit Details (Details requiring approval via the Unit and Course Management System (UCMS))

(13) The following unit details which appear in the Unit Information Guide may only be created or amended in accordance with the Course and Unit Approval Authorities:

  1. Unit title
  2. Unit code
  3. Faculty or College owner
  4. Description
  5. Content
  6. Graduate attributes and learning outcomes
  7. Unit Offerings
  8. Estimated workload
  9. Teaching and Learning arrangements
  10. Learning Resources (if applicable), including:
    1. Prescribed and optional texts;
    2. Required and optional online resources;
    3. Required and optional equipment, protective clothing and tools
  11. Equipment, protective clothing and tools (if applicable)
  12. Assessment details
  13. Assessment per offering
  14. Additional assessment requirements in accordance with the Assessment Policy and Procedures
  15. Requisites (Pre, Co and Anti)
  16. Enrolment and Restrictions information
  17. Unit Grading basis
  18. Field of Education
  19. University-wide elective status