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Rules Relating to Awards - Rule 5 - Honours Awards (Separate Year)

Section 1 - Admission to Candidature

(1) An application for admission to an Honours award course shall be lodged in accordance with the required procedures and in a form and at a time determined by the Director, Student Administration Services. A late application may be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the relevant Associate Dean (Education).

(2) An applicant shall seek admission to an Honours degree program as:

  1. a full-time candidate; or
  2. a part-time candidate.

(3) An Honours degree candidate may convert from full-time to part-time candidature, and vice-versa, with the approval of the relevant Honours Course Coordinator, who shall also determine on a pro-rata basis a revised statement of the due date for completion of the requirements of the Honours award course. The Honours Course Coordinator will notify Student Administration Services of the revised completion date.

(4) Subject to clause (5), admission to an Honours award course shall be approved in accordance with the Delegations Rule Schedule A on advice from the relevant Honours Course Coordinator, and shall also be subject to the availability of appropriate supervision.

(5) Before being admitted to candidature in an Honours award course, an applicant shall:

  1. have completed the requirements for the relevant Bachelor degree at this University or another registered Australian higher education provider, normally having obtained at least a Credit average, and have satisfied the relevant Associate Dean (Education) that the content of the proposed Honours program, together with any further work the Associate Dean (Education) may prescribe, is sufficient to make the person a suitable candidate for the award of a degree with Honours; or
  2. have obtained a Bachelor degree qualification (or equivalent) from a recognised overseas university, have satisfied English Language Proficiency requirements for admission, and where necessary have undertaken further work, which in the opinion of the relevant Honours Course Coordinator are at least of the standard and content required by clause (5)a.

(6) A commencing student is enrolled on completion of all of the following:

  1. acceptance of the offer of admission;
  2. completion of enrolment into units;
  3. payment of prescribed fees (unless the Director, Student Administration Services has granted an extension of time for such payment); and
  4. submission of a correctly completed Request for Commonwealth Assistance Form if applicable.
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Section 2 - Requirements for the Award

(7) To be eligible for the award of a Bachelors degree with Honours a candidate shall:

  1. successfully complete the prescribed course of study; and
  2. fulfil any other requirements prescribed by the relevant Faculty Board.
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Section 3 - Appointment of Supervisors

(8) An Honours award candidate, at the time of admission to candidature, shall normally have at least one supervisor appointed, who shall act as Principal Supervisor and who shall be a member of the academic staff of the University. Where more than one supervisor is appointed, one of the supervisors shall be nominated as the Principal Supervisor, who shall be a member of the academic staff of the University.

(9) The Principal Supervisor, and any additional supervisors, shall be appointed by the relevant Associate Dean (Education), on the recommendation of the Honours Year Coordinator in the Faculty or College.

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Section 4 - Examination

(10) An Honours award project or thesis completed by a candidate shall be examined by not less than two examiners, one of whom shall normally be external to the University. A candidate's supervisor(s) shall not examine the candidate's project or thesis.

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Section 5 - Duration of Course

(11) Unless the relevant Honours Course Coordinator determines otherwise, a candidate shall fulfil all requirements for the award of a Bachelor Honours within one (1) year of first enrolling, in the case of a full-time candidate, or within two (2) years of first enrolling, in the case of a part-time candidate. This does not include periods of leave of absence.

(12) Due dates for completion of the requirements for an Honours award course shall be advised by the Honours Course Coordinator at the time of acceptance into the course.

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Section 6 - Class of Honours

(13) A candidate who has reached the required standard of proficiency may, on the recommendation of the relevant Committee of Examiners, be awarded Honours in one of the classifications specified in Rule 10, clause (18). In published lists, the names of candidates awarded the same grade of Honours shall be placed in alphabetical order. Under Rule 3, Section15 and Section 16 a student may query or appeal the class of Honours awarded.

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Section 7 - Discontinuation of Enrolment and Appeal Processes

(14) Notwithstanding other provisions in these Rules, the relevant Faculty Board may, on the recommendation of the Principal Supervisor, discontinue the enrolment of a candidate in less than the maximum time allowed for candidature if it is dissatisfied with the progress being made by the candidate.

(15) A candidate whose enrolment is discontinued under clause (13) may appeal on the prescribed form to the Academic Board Appeals Committee against the discontinuation of enrolment.

(16) An appeal to the Academic Board Appeals Committee against discontinuation of enrolment must reach the University within 10 days of the date of notification to the student by Faculty Board under clause (14).

(17) Candidature shall be reinstated if the appeal is successful. A maximum period of time to complete the Honours course will be determined by the Associate Dean (Education).

(18) A candidate whose appeal is unsuccessful shall have discontinuation of enrolment confirmed.

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Section 8 - Readmission

(19) A candidate whose enrolment is discontinued may not be eligible to be readmitted until the lapse of one year.

(20) An applicant refused readmission after a period of discontinuation of enrolment may appeal on the prescribed form to the Academic Board Appeals Committee against that decision.

(21) A candidate readmitted to Honours candidature shall have determined by the Associate Dean (Education) the maximum period of time in which the candidate shall be permitted to complete the course.

(22) An appeal against refusal to be readmitted must reach the University within three (3) months of the date of sending notification.